5 Common mistakes not to make when wearing cargo shorts
Nov 02 2022 jakmans Admin

5 Common mistakes not to make when wearing cargo shorts

Cargo shorts are cargo pants that are shortened till the knee. Some of them are made by removing the lower leg, thus converting them into shorts. Cargo shorts are popular among men as they give a chill summer vibe. 3 4 cargo shorts are a must-have for summers. They are the most comfortable form of clothing one can wear! You can describe cargo shorts as a short version of pants extended till near knee-length.

It is often said that cargo shorts are dual in nature. On the one hand, they are not even expected to exist as a mini version of cargo pants invented by the British at the time of world war. On the other hand, they are the most comfortable garment for any man who doesn't like to wear pouches. The only reason the fashion world hates them is the wrong way of styling that has been going on for ages. Across The Pond has some fantastic cargo shorts that will indeed accord you with the trendy yet comfortable look.

Cargo shorts seriously don't deserve a bad reputation, firstly because they are purely aesthetic, and secondly, because they can be paired with anything you prefer. Although, there are a few things that you must consider before pairing them up, as people often make mistakes while doing so.

Let's look in-depth at five common mistakes you should not make when wearing cargo shorts.

  1. The formal shirt and cargo shorts

This combo is not bad in itself. As cargo is a relaxed garment, it should not be paired up with a loose polo or formal shirt of the same type. You can't pair up your cargo shorts with a relaxed formal shirt just because your cousin thinks it's excellent! You can go for a slightly faded, short-sleeved vintage shirt. It will indeed look good. Overall, remember to play smart with colors. Do not combine tones with tones. The fits must be relaxed, and they shouldn't feel sloping down on your body; otherwise, they will not make you look attractive.

  1. Camouflage is exaggerated

Since men's cargo shorts have a military ancestry, it is almost acceptable to imagine cargo shorts in olive green, camo, and beige colors. Even black can be considered when defining a good cargo, you must avoid colors such as navy blue, gray, red, green, etc. However, if the trousers are a delegate and noteworthy, you must pair them right to avoid getting a bad-look day!

The military print versions are aesthetic in themselves. But they are often paired with printed shirts or warmer shades, thus spoiling the whole vibe. To avoid this, pair your favorite camouflage shorts with a white t-shirt. It will enhance the look of your cargo shorts rather than spoiling them.

  1. Never ever go for baggy cargo shorts!

A lot of men out there are in love with baggy clothing styles. They prefer everything from jeans, t-shirts to trousers loose enough to look hanging on them. However, when considering wearing baggy cargo shorts, you must avoid the most common mistake: choosing the baggy versions that are too wide and keep falling below the knee. They are indeed not a good fit. Shorts must be above or up to the knee, especially when it's cargo. Therefore, you must be careful while choosing one for yourself. Otherwise, it will look like a trouser that failed to make it through!

Now you might be thinking that you must prefer the tighter versions. Well, it's a big NO! Not going for the baggy ones does not mean you should go for the tighter ones. Not only will they make you uncomfortable in scrounging summers, but they also end up ruining the whole attire. Do not forget that they are trousers, which means they exist to draw the perfect silhouette of your legs. Therefore, it's good to spend a decent amount of time choosing the best cargo shorts for men.  

  1. Avoid distressing and go for clean looks.

The surfer trend of fast fashion brands of the '00s has led cargo shorts to go all distressed! The cargo shorts begin having distressed marks that usually target pockets. The fake-ruined stitching will supposedly give you a shabby look. Therefore, it is better to go for a clean cargo shorts look. Distressing looks good on straight-fit jeans. For cargo to look classy, it has to be minimalistic. The fabric also has to be good, be well-sewn pockets and tidy details.

  1. Dad core is better than having a boomer effect.

Whether you love to wear them in a sporty way or prefer sticking to the classics, it is better to avoid that boomer effect. To get that dad core look, cargo shorts for men have always played a prominent role. It is because dad core is always fresh, so it has to involve shorts. The only thing that can save you from getting that boomer look lies in the shoes and jersey. The more uncoordinated they are, the worse it will look. Do not mix all the darker shades, thinking they will look well-coordinated. Although, you can go for cooler shades of a monochromatic look. Finally, pair them with your favorite sneakers, and you'll be all set.


Well, you might have gathered enough information about the mistakes that men often make while styling their favorite cargo shorts. These mistakes are major fashion blunders that can ruin your entire look, no matter how branded and expensive your clothes are. Therefore, spending a reasonable amount of time shopping for cargo shorts is better. Suppose you have already tried many shorts and are still struggling to find the shorts of your preference. Across The Pond has your back! We have the best cargo shorts in India that will give you the comfort you might be seeking. It will also save you from making such mistakes. Hence giving you that classy look. Check out our latest collections of cargo shorts now!