Rise of cargo shorts - Cargo shorts For Men
Nov 02 2022 developer phanom

Rise of cargo shorts - Cargo shorts For Men

Cargo shorts have always ruled the world with a fantastic baggy look and hand-wearing pockets. But are they ruling it now? The answer is yes, they are! Cargo shorts were invented at the time of world war by the British. Since then, this amazing piece of clothing has been ruling the fashion industry. When talking about cargo pants, one might think about the best possible way to pair them up. On the other hand, cargo shorts come with the ease of styling. It means you'll not be going to spend the whole night worrying about what to wear and how to style.

Despite being the exact opposite of the style statement, they rule everyman's wardrobe; these baggy pockets were more popular at the time of world war 2 that were popularly used for carrying essentials. However, there's been a question arising in the fashion world, Are cargo shorts still in style? Well, the answer is yes. You might have noticed various fashion trends making their debut back in the industry. The same goes for the cargo shorts. After being almost extent in the past era, they successfully make their way back into men's funky wardrobe-essentials.

Let's get you through everything that you must know about cargo shorts. From purchasing to styling, we have gathered tips for everything!

Why Are Men's Cargo Shorts A Must-Have Style Statement For Summer?

Since cargo shorts are back on the market, they are a must-have if you are planning for a chill summer wardrobe. One of the best things about these shorts is that they don't have a particular vibe. Whether you're going on a holiday or a weekend chill out, they go with both! Cargo shorts are comfortable, and you can count on these in place of joggers and hoodies. However, they are the best to get your style creativity back as they are the lighter ones. You can also wear these shorts hiking as they are loose and comfortable.

 Are you also always finding it a little hectic to get all dressed up for hiking? Well, across the pond has got your back. Our exotic collection of cargo shorts will indeed leave you a bit confused about what to buy and what to leave! There are many men who prefer to have a statement style. If you are also the one, you will need cargo shorts to slay the summer. If you have many plans this summer and are looking forward to bringing them out, you must not face a shortage of clothes. You should have a backup of 3 4 cargo shorts.

 Summers are all about going out and enjoying as much as you can, and cargo shorts are all you need to do so! The loose feel one gets on wearing them is undeniably the most comforting one. They are a perfect transition of jobbers and cargo pants, something that you'll never want to miss out on when planning to go for a hike. Let's look at some tips that you must consider when buying man's cargo shorts.

 Tips And Tricks To Lay Your Hands On The Best Cargo Shorts For Men.

 Whether you are buying cargo or any other piece of clothing, getting expert advice regarding that always results in the best shopping experience. Therefore, we have gathered some of the best tips that will help you buy the funkiest and most comfortable cargo shorts -India. Make sure you through each of them and implement the same while shopping!

 Prioritize Your Comfort

 This might seem to be a challenging factor while shopping for cargo shorts. The ones that look stylish and cool may not end up being comfortable. Thus, it is tough for almost every man to go either for comfort or style! Across The Pond knows it well; therefore, we have a vast range of cargo shorts that combine comfort and style. So you won't have to choose between them. Your clothes are the main factor behind your vibe. Hence, it would be best if you chose accordingly.

  1. Style Goes In Hand

Cargo shorts are well-tailored, having pockets on the buttocks with an adjustable waistline. However, they have emerged a lot since their comeback in the fashion world. Now, you'll see the different versions, from distressed to basics. Although, keep in mind that what may look good isn't necessary to suit your style. Hence make sure you try on different styles before selecting one. Cargo shorts are designed to make you look fabulous. Therefore, feel free to switch and try on various types as per your preferences.

  1. Color says it all

These shorts come in a variety of colors. Well, it is a good idea to buy cargo shorts tailored according to your specific color choices. It is because colors have much effect on your personality and say it all. Some men prefer light-colored shorts, while others go for darker shades. Before you pick the best one, feel free to try on as many options available so that you won't regret your choice.

Wearing garments that are tailored according to your taste feels great every time you wear them. Hence, don't go for what's in the trend but what suits you!

  1. The Material's Quality

Once you are done with color and style, it's time to look for the most essential factor: the quality of the material. You must be well aware of the material you must go for based on the season and the occasion. It will indeed save you from future troubles.


Crago shorts for men have been the most comfortable option for ages. The comeback of cargo shorts has again made them a must-have for a men's wardrobe. However, to make your summer shopping successful, you must consider the above mentioned points. Across the pond, have an exotic range of fused shorts and tailor-made according to your preferences.

We have paid utmost attention to the comfort and style of the generation so that you won't have to waste your precious time selecting the best cargo shorts! Moreover, watch out for our collection of printed shirts to make a style statement and and pick your favourite. Order you Cargo Shorts with Across The Pond Now!